Colleagues & Friends

The first person I will recall is the late Jimmy Train, stalwart of Wallacehill CC and Scottish Cycling all his life. Jimmy was an ordinary working man of limited education (I say this not as a criticism) but boy was he a man of the world. To Jimmy, a staunch labour supporter and trade Unionist, I was a 'Tory Git'. However he did actually respect me as a self made businessman warning me in early days that I had to watch my employees as they would cheat me if they could. My wife Irene and I had a friendship with Jimmy (and his wife Betty)that lasted lasted over 45 years.
Jimmy once said to me that if SCU committee members picked up just half of my ideas then Scottish cycling would have been much better. He was a faithful supporter in all the events I organised saying he was the one that picked up the S*** that Miller overlooked. How true. The leader is only as good as the people he leads
Jimmy's main love was time trialling and he had no side, speaking to riders from other Clubs and giving them advice. He would speak to a couple of Wallacehill riders warning each one that the other was 'flying' and they would need to put every effort in to beat the other. Result was usually Wallacehill 1 & 2.  Jimmy was awarded an MBE for his services to cycling. Jimmy was delighted to see former Club member Graham Obree reach the heights of international cycling when he took the world hour record.
Next would be the redoubtable Arthur Campbell who was also awarded an MBE. Arthur was a cycling Politician through and through. A member of the Glasgow Wheelers he was Chairman of the Scottish Cyclists Union since its inception in 1952 until he stood down in 1984, a period of 32 years as President. Arthur was the man who persuaded three Scottish cycling organisations to come together to provide a controlling body for the sport in Scotland, He later was involved in the formation of the British Cycling Federation in 1961.
Not only was Arthur heavily involved in Scottish and British cycling but he was also the UK's representative on the UCI (the international body) where he was much respected. He also encouraged young Scots to venture into continental cycling with first Billy Bilsland and later Robert Millar both of whom he placed in teams whose management he knew.
In 1976 I was elected to the BCF Racing Committee whose members included Keith Audas, Peter Howarth, Norman Grattage, Benny Foster OBE, Stuart Benstead and I think Norman Shelmerdine (he might have been on the F & M Committee) along with Bryan Wotton the Racing Secretary
I recall with fondness Hugh and Netta Boyd who were stalwarts of the SCU  for many years. Hugh and Netta were judges on the forerunner to the Girvan Race in 1967. they also helped with the earlly Girvan Races.
For many years i was a colleague of the late Gerry McDaid on SCU and BCF Committees'. Probably GB's most respected race commissaire officiating in many events from Olympics and almost every other major series. 
 I got to know Ken Matthews who came to Girvan with Liverpool teams and became Race announcer for a number of years. Now deceased Ken was a popular personality.
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