Scottish Cyclists Union

Brief History of organised Scottish Cycling

The Scottish Cyclists Union was created in 1952 following meetings between the three bodies controlling Scottish cycling at that time.

These bodies were:

The Scottish Amateur Cycling Association (SACA) which controlled time-trialling,

The Scottish National Cycling Union (SNCU) which controlled Track Racing and some closed circuit road racing.

The Scottish Cyclists Union which controlled open road racing.

It has hitherto been recognized that the beginning of organised cycling was in 1889 and was, probably, SACA. This was always recorded on the cover of our handbook from 1952 on (now not shown on current blue book). The leaders of the various bodies at that time were obviously well versed in the history of cycling in Scotland and we must defer to their knowledge.

The prime instigator of the amalgamation of the three bodies into one unifying body was the ‘new’ Union’s first and longest serving President Arthur Campbell. Also involved were Jimmy Souter, Jimmy Train and Jimmy Leonard the ‘new’ Union’s first Secretary.

In 1952 the inaugural meeting concluded and agreed that the most suitable name for the ‘new’ body would be The Scottish Cyclists Union and to ‘reconstitute’ the rules of that body to incorporate the others and their various disciplines.

It should be noted that Arthur Campbell went on to become a leading light in the formation of the British Cycling Federation incorporating the National Cyclists Union the British League of Racing Cyclists and the Cyclo Cross Association. Attempts were made to encourage the Road Time Trials Council to join with the new Federation but to this date they have steadfastly remained independent.

75th Anniversary Dinner of the SCU as announced in the annual report.

This must really confuse those who know anything about Scottish cycling!!

Firstly in 2002 under the Presidency of Ian Sinclair we had a 50th anniversary celebration of the reconstituted Union. Now, 8 years on, we are to celebrate the 75th Anniversary!!

Why are we celebrating the formation of the ‘old’ Scottish Cyclists Union and not recognising SACA and SNCU?

What we should be concentrating on is the 125th Anniversary of organised cycling in Scotland in 2014.

It is surely better to concentrate on the longevity of our organisation than one faction of it.

I would strongly recommend that we drop the ‘celebration’ of the 75th anniversary.


George Miller

Past President 1984 – 1992

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